Gym Essentials

You’ve signed up for the gym, now what? It’s important to ensure that you have everything you need when going to the gym as you never want to be unprepared. Below is a list of all the things I have with me in my gym bag daily:

Gloves-If you plan to do any lifting, you should definitely have a pair of gloves as they help to prevent calluses on your hands.

Headphones or Earbuds-I enjoy listening to music while I workout as it keeps me motivated and may do the same for you.

Waist trainer-When doing cardio workouts, I usually wear a waist trainer to ensure that I keep my abs engaged and it helps me sweat more.

Barbell Pad-When doing squats, lunges, or hip thrusts using the bar, be sure to use a pad so the bar doesn’t sit directly on your neck or your groin.

Ankle straps-Used for donkey kicks or abductors on the cable machine; most gyms have them but I enjoy using my own.

Weightlifting belt-Use this when you are lifting heavy with squats or deadlifts for back support.

Barbell clamps-Not essential as gyms have their own clips, but, I like mine because they are pink 😉

Booty bands-Definitely a must if you are trying to build your glutes! Great to use as a glute activator before starting a leg/glute workout.

Resistance bands-Use prior to an upper body workout to warm up the muscles.

Training shoes-Use these shoes if you are doing squats or deadlifts

Running shoes-Use these shoes if you are running or doing cardio. These are my favorite running shoes! I get a new pair almost every year.

Pull up bands-If you are working towards being able to do a pull up (this is one of my goals), definitely get you a set of bands so you can gradually decrease the amount of support you are getting from the band.

I believe that’s all the equipment I take with me to the gym daily. In addition, you’ll want to have some supplements as well. Currently, I drink BCAAs during my workout from my shaker bottle and then have a protein shake post workout on my drive home.

What are your must haves for the gym?


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